Man’s/Woman’s Best Friend

May 21st, 2012

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They are great listeners, ones that you enjoy spending time with, you share meals with them, exercise with them, and even maybe shop with them! No, they aren’t you significant other….they are your furry friend! So why wouldn’t you want them involved in your wedding! More and more Brides and Grooms are including their picture perfect pooches in their nuptials. Here are some photos we just couldn’t resist!

(Photo via Martha Stewart Weddings)

(Photo via Bridal Guide)

(Photo via Bridal Guide)

(Photo via Love Wedd)

(Photo via Anna Kuperberg )

(Photo via Magnet Street Weddings)

Will you have your Man’s/Woman’s best friend along your side on your wedding day? And how are you going to incorporate them? We want to know!!!

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