Silk Flower Tutorial

Mar 1st, 2012


Fabric and paper flowers are always in season. The best part? They’re super easy and inexpensive to make! Mimic the lovely fabric flower hair pieces at J.Crew, the floral bouquets found on, or beautiful floral centerpieces for perfect additions to your wedding.

There are tons of tutorials out there and different ways you can make them. As I mentioned in our brooch bouquet post, my friend is getting married in June and is doing a complete DIY wedding. For me this means long nights of crafting! We decided last Friday night to try out silk flowers from a tutorial we found online.

This is what I got! The tutorial was great at explaining exactly what to do and how to do it (I just had a problem getting the silk to stay in place).

Photo Source: Love to Know

A flower like this is perfect for a cute hair accessory or embellishment on a clutch. Paired with some feathers and simple beads this accessory will be the perfect match for our bridesmaid dresses!

Want to give it a try? Below is the tutorial we used from Simply Vintage Girl – show us all your results!


-          Synthetic Silk Fabric

-          Scissors

-          Candle

-          Needle/Thread, Glue Dots or Glue Gun

-          Buttons and/or beads



1.  Cut Circle Patterns out of card stock Make the largest one’s diameter about half an inch larger than you want the diameter of the flower, as the petals will end up shrinking a bit. Create a few of these, lessening the diameter bit by bit so that the end result has smaller petals in the center and larger ones around the outside.

2. Trace around the pattern into the silk fabric

3. Take the scissors and cut out the circle and petals  Cut just inside the drawn lines to make a circle out of the fabric. Carefully cut only about a third of the way into the circles to create the petals. You can do as many or few petals as you would like, or even add some variety to them. I cut five times, making five medium-sized petals. You can also round the corners of the petals, if you so desire.

4. Use the lit candle to melt and crinkle the edges  Be very careful. Hold the cut petals about one to two inches above the flame, making sure to keep the circle rotating so that it does not overheat and catch fire. Continue to gently melt the edges of each petal until you have gone all the way around. Do this with each layer.

5. Sew (or glue) the petal edges together  Using a needle and thread, create a beginning knot and then sew the layers together. You can come up through the top because the center  of the top layer can be covered by a button or  bead. To finish the flower, sew (or glue) the button or bead on top.

Tutorial Source: Simply Vintage Girl

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  1. Catherine says:

    What a beautiful flower! Thanks for sharing, I’ll try it on next weekend.

    A hug from the Dominican Republic

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