Funky Table Settings

Jan 2nd, 2012

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Many couples struggle in deciding how to decorate their guests’ tables.  Rather than having a simple dinnerware and utensils arrangement, there are limitless alternatives that go beyond the basic place setting.  These tables are spaces where you can be creative and make your guests feel less that they are at a function hall, by incorporating elements which stand out from the typical wedding set up.

Check out these creative and sometimes funky table setting ideas!

Lobster Meal Prep

Photo Source: Country Living

Potato Sack

Photo Source: Miss to Missus

Rock Mat

Photo Source: Fusion Homestore


Photo Source: The Fandom Review

Vinyl Records

Photo Source: Pinterest

With your table settings you can match the theme of your reception, feature a distinct color scheme, or exhibit one of your favorite interests. The style of your settings can stand apart and draw a beautiful contrast or be more fluidly integrated with the style of your centerpieces. Table settings are a canvas for your creativity and imagination.  When you insert your ideas into this aspect of your wedding, you will undoubtedly leave your guests buzzing about how wonderfully personal and exciting their expectedly mundane table experience was!

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