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Dec 12th, 2011

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For many couples, their close family includes a large number of little ones that they wish to include in their special day.  But as with any formal event, it begs the question: if we do not want to leave them out, what do we do with them?  They will not be entertained by the same activities or have the same attention span as the adults and also we want to let our guests with children have fun too without being worried about their children.  Many couples avoid this dilemma completely by instilling a “no children please” policy or setting a definitive age limit.  However, while this is a choice solely up to the couple, we say why not invite the little loved ones?! There are so many ways to include and entertain them, and it is all the more special to have them with the adults and feel loved and important!

Have a children’s table set up for the reception.  The children will be happier to spend time with their siblings, cousins, or other kids they haven’t met yet, while still feeling special that they have their own place at a formal event to sit.

Photo Source: Tucson Wedding Site

Offer a small separate menu of kid friendly food options because unless you have invited the rare child with a refined palette, they are not going to be partaking in the filet  mignon or the baked haddock.  Think simple, comfort foods you loved as a child like French fries, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and maybe some Funfetti cupcakes for dessert!

Photo Source: Pink Orchid Weddings

Activities are a must! From small bottles of bubbles to play dough, there are many small activities to keep them engaged and creating throughout the evening.

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There’s even a great way to have them be directly involved with your day.  Try creating a simple coloring book personalized with the couple’s name and be filled with fun wedding related activities like word searches with words from the ceremony!

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Always remember, if you’re going to invite kids, you have to be prepared to hear them yell, sing, run around and dance! They are just as excited about your wedding as you are.  We believe that regardless of how small, those children closest to you are such special members of our lives that a little extra effort in accommodate them comfortably will show them how much we truly care and love that they get to share in your special day!

What ways have you or have seen others include the kiddies at the wedding!?

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