Timeless Theme: Vintage Style Weddings

Nov 25th, 2011

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In today’s society, mainstream fashion constantly progresses and innovates and we love how often new and exciting trends carry over into the wedding world.  However, in the face of all these changes, we love the timeless and steadfast style of vintage weddings. Now, we’re not saying everyone has to dress up like Betty and Don Draper or a couple straight out of The Great Gatsby, but taking bits and pieces from past eras bring a sophisticated and elegant feel to the wedding.  When everything comes together, the elements lend to an intimate feel.  Your guests will love it and there is no doubt your photos will be stunning.

Vintage themed hair accessories and bird cage veils are remarkable in their ability to create such a powerful effect while being a minimalistic accent.

Photo Source: Project Wedding

Photo Source: Project Wedding

In a sea of modern weddings, vintage elements stand out and have a “wow” factor that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on guests.  It breaks free from current trends and allows you to stand out and make a unique statement.  Who knew that being somewhat traditional would make you cutting edge?!

Photo Source: Wedding Bee

Photo Source: Project Wedding

Photo Source: Project Wedding

Look how the gorgeous antique features lend to an intimate table environment.  Friends and family will feel as if they are guests in your home rather than at the function hall.  The feeling of a wedding is extremely important as it strengthens the importance and reverence of the celebration.

Photo Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Photo Source: Delightfully Engaged

We love vintage weddings.  The style elements are tried and true and always leave guests gushing about the gorgeous affair.  There are endless ways to incorporate these features into the celebration from the wedding dress to the invitations to the table numbers and everything in between.  You’ll set yourself apart as you create a warm and deeply personal ceremony that exudes timeless elegance.

What do you think?! Are vintage weddings really elegant and timeless? Or tired and boring? Let us know where you stand on this trend!

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  1. Holly says:

    Adore these! The hair accessories are altogether lovely.

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