Get on Track: Best Wedding Apps

Oct 17th, 2011

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The world of technology has evolved dramatically within the past decade, most importantly also in the wedding realm, producing a seemingly unlimited amount of resources aimed to ease your wedding planning process.  From your budget to your seating chart, using applications can revolutionize your journey to the big day, keeping you organized and on track, both in time and financially.

Many creators offer these applications for free, while others with higher levels of service typically charge a small fee, with few exceeding $5.  With the smartphone market expanding to common widespread use, why not take advantage of all it has to offer to smooth out your wedding plans? Here’s a short list of some of the best apps offered today, but be sure to also do some searching in iTunes or the Android app market to find one that’s perfect for you!

Likely to be the most expensive wedding app at $9.99, iWedding Deluxe where you step into the role of a highly organized wedding planner.  This app will offer you an all-inclusive planning approach to your wedding from broader cost estimates to specific individual guest details, or a simpler range of options of you are looking for a lower level of app-based organization. Another great aspect of this app is that it also allows for names and numbers of individuals and businesses to be imported from the contacts of your phone.  With iWedding Deluxe, you can forget the wedding planner and become one yourself!

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Check out this great app, Wedding911,  from The Knot where you have an extensive wedding resource center consolidated into an app for efficient problem solving.  This application has hundreds of pre-answered questions and also gives you the option to post a unique question of your own and receive helpful answers from other brides in your situation.

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Another great resource in particular for the bride-to-be is iBridalGown, where the search begins for the perfect wedding dress.  Whether the bride has no idea what type of dress they want or they are simply too busy to search for the style that fits them perfectly, this app provides the solution in the form of a concise, though a directory of a wide range of beautiful wedding dresses of all types. Through this app, you are also able to find local bridal salons that carry the dresses you are most interested in. Overall, it is a great app to get inspired and kick start the dress shopping journey.

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Concerned about money? With Wedding Budget, you’ll be able to allocate your overall budget into many different categories such as reception, dress, flowers and photography.  You are able to track costs and stay on top of the often dreaded financial aspect of the wedding.  Having this information readily available for stress-free budgeting will take some of your fear away.

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Note that both the Apple and Android platforms have applications available through each of their respective marketplaces.  While the large number of options available may be somewhat overwhelming, it’s best to try a few out early on, especially if they are free.  The key is to find one that eases your process of planning and tracking updates for your wedding.  The app should fit seamlessly into your life; don’t try to be overzealous picking an app with hundreds of different, complex functions that require a lengthy learning period.  Explore, plan, and enjoy!

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