DIY Painted Vases

Aug 2nd, 2011

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Spice up a simple centerpiece like flowers in an jar with just a few materials a very little time and money with this DIY project as seen on Style Me Pretty. Old bottles and vases take on a whole new look with a little paint. All you have to do is spray paint a few layers onto the vessel, add some pretty floral bouquets and you’ve got an inexpensive yet gorgeous decoration! No painting skills necessary, but when you tell your guests you hand painted the centerpieces yourself, they’ll all be blown away!

-Empty bottles and vases of various shapes and sizes. Find them around your house, or get them for cheap at the dollar or thrift store.
-Spray Paint in any color- a matte black spray paint would work best for the look above, which can be found in any hardware, craft or paint store.
-Real or silk flowers

1. Clean each vessel thoroughly and let dry.

2. In a well ventilated area (outside is best!), spray paint items lightly to cover the entire vessel. Apply several coats until it’s completely covered. Let dry between coats.

3. Fill vases and bottles with flowers!

We love these elegant DIY pieces. The best part? They will look great in your new home, and make great gifts for your special guests after your big day!

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