Get Hooked on These Crafty Needlepoint Decorations!

Jun 17th, 2011


For many, needlepoint is an old fashioned hobby your grandma probably loves, not a fantastic wedding decoration. Prepare to be inspired! These artsy needlepoint embroidery arrangements, as seen on 100layercake, also incorporate buttons, and make delightful centerpieces and table numbers. We love the unfinished, vintage look created by leaving the embroidery hoop on.

Show your guests how crafty you are with these adorable embroidered table numbers on your guests’ tables! Follow our DIY guide below!

-embroidery hoop- this is the circular piece that keeps the fabric taut, and comes in 2 pieces
-scissors- make sure they’re sharp
-fabric of your choice- quilling cotton works well
-embroidery floss- cheap and comes in tons of colors
-buttons of different colors, sizes and shapes- you can find them at any craft store
-embroidery needles- allow a big enough eye to fit the floss through

1. Embroidery hoops come in different sizes and shapes, so it’s best to follow the directions that come with the instrument. The basic steps include placing the fabric over one of the hoops, securing the other hoop on top of the fabric, and twisting the nut at the top to secure the fabric and make it nice and tight.
2. Once you’ve set up the hoop, trim the fabric around it into a small square.
3. Thread the embroidery floss through the eye of the embroidery needle by wetting one side, easing it through an inch or two and knotting it on one side. Cut off any access thread after the knot.
4. Next is the stitching part, which is done just as it is in regular sewing. You can make the stitches long or short or randomly placed depending on your design.
5. In between each stitch, thread a button through the floss. The best way to secure the button is to thread an “X” shape through the four holes in the button, then continue stitching through the fabric.
6. Continue stitching and threading the buttons in the shape of your table numbers.
7. Leave the hoop on when finished, and you’re table numbers are complete!

We’re hooked on these lovely embroidered decorations!

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